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 "Sound is the beginning - with sound we can uplift, create, destroy - the shear power of what sound is, what it can do…gongs are a part of creation, more than any other instrument."

- Annie Keshishian  

Fully Online certificate course.

Our Gong Training certificate provides you with the foundations of facilitating gong baths, soundscapes and one-one sessions. You will be introduced to the origin of gongs, various techniques and applications, working with individuals/groups, creating soundscapes for healing and transformation.

Program Includes

  • On-Demand Video Lectures, covering 10 + hours of lecture content
  • Content Includes: How to Structure a Gong Session, Playing a Gong Therapeutically, Setting the Environment for a Gong Session, Creating Therapeutic Gong Sessions Various Types of Gongs and Techniques, Gong Sessions for Groups/Individuals, Gong Collaborations: with Yoga, Meditation, other Instruments, Gongs & The Chakras, Creating Virtual Sessions, Entrainment
  • Comprehensive Course Notes
  • Recommended Readings - link to purchase provided on enrolment
  • 1 Comprehensive Final Quiz  - open book, with unlimited attempts permitted. Take and re-take this quiz multiple times for comprehensive learning.
  • Case Study Submission Review
  • Enjoy a 'Self-Directed Learning Model' - study at your own pace, in your own time.

Program Benefits

  • Learn the skills and gain the tools to share sound as a form of wellness and healing.
  • Learn a variety of techniques in playing the gong.
  • Crafting group and individual gong sound sessions to meet the needs of clients.
  • Learn to incorporate Gong sessions into a variety of settings - yoga classes, meditation.
  • Add additional skills to your practice.

Who is this program ideal for?

  • Health professionals (Yoga teachers, Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Reiki Practitioners etc.) looking to incorporate gong soundwork into their practice
  • Those curious about learning the benefits of Sound and music and acquiring a personal practice
  • *No music experience necessary

Program Requirements

  • An open heart and mind.
  • At least one gong to practice.
  • Respect for the traditions, practices and protocols of traditional cultures and their sacred songs, instruments and approaches to sound healing - and an intent not to appropriate these.
  • Complete 10 Gong Sessions/Case Study Submissions.

Meet Your Instructor


Is a Yoga Teacher, Sound Therapist and Gong Teacher. She combines her decades of experience in wellness practices to provide group and private sessions in sound work and yoga.