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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there pre-requists to enrol?

Short answer - no! You are welcome to register for any courses being offered, and the content provided will be tailored to include novice as well as advanced students. 

2. How long do I have access to my course(s)?

Your enrolment to any course is valid for 1 year (356 calendar days) from the date of enrolment. That being said, most materials provided are available for download... meaning you can save the materials and reference for a life time!

3. Can I enrol in more than one course at a time?

Absolutely! We encourage you to register and enrol for as many or as few courses as you feel compelled to learn about. There are no limits.  

4. Are lectures LIVE?

Most lectures provided in our online courses are pre-recorded. Which means you do not need to worry about being available at a particular date/time.... when you are available to study, the content is ready and waiting for you! Check invdividual courses for any additional live zoom requirements. 

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