Gong Bath & Yoga Series

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4 hours

3 Months Access

 "Experiencing Unshakable Peace and Joy."

- Julie T. Lusk  

This series includes 4 sessions in Yogic Sleep/Rest Yoga accompanied by a Gong Sound Bath. Immerse yourself in the loving sounds while being guided through the 8 stages of the immensely powerful Yoga Sleep relaxation. This practice is specifically used for people who suffer from insomnia and anxiety and those in need of stress release (just about everyone one of us).

Series Includes

  • 4 hours of On-Demand Video Sessions
  • 4 one hour Guided Yoga sessions
  • Gong Sound Baths
  • 8 Stages of the yoga practice, including instruction on breath
  • Let this series bring you comfort, rest and peace over the next 3 months

Program Benefits

We hope the series will help you to cultivate:

  • Restful sleep
  • Stress relief
  • Peaceful mind
  • A feeling of connection

Who is this series ideal for?

  • Anyone seeking to increase deep and restful sleep
  • Anyone interested in Gongs and soundwork
  • Anyone interested in stilling the mind, relaxing the body

Series Requirements

  • To benefit the most from the series - earphone/headphones or a speaker is recommended

Meet Your Instructor


Is a Yoga Teacher, Sound Therapist and Gong Teacher. She combines her decades of experience in wellness practices to provide group and private sessions in sound work and yoga.