Animal Frolics – Ken Cohen

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 "For optimal health, we need body and spirit, exercise (ming) and meditation, awareness of the inner world and the outer. In other words, health requires balance and moderation. The goal of qigong may be summarized as xing ming shuang xiu, spirit and body equally refined and cultivated. Cultivate your whole being, as you would cultivate a garden with attention, care, and even love."  ~Ken Cohen

This course offers an introduciton to the five foundation movements based on the balance of the Crane, the rooted strength of the Bear, the suppleness of the Monkey, the vitality of the Deer, and the power of the Tiger. By following ancient postural and movement guidelines, we awaken a primordial part of ourselves, sense the spirit of the animals within, and learn how to connect to the healing power of nature. Created by the second century doctor of Chinese medicine, Hua Tuo, the Animal Frolics are among the oldest healing exercises in the world and the standard against which other qigong methods are measured.

Course Includes

  • 7 on-demand video lectures
  • Link to recommended book

Course Benefits

Learn a simple, effective system of Qigong

  • Develop a personal Qigong practice
  • Develop more supple, flexible joints
  • Boost energy while calming the mind
  • Synchronize body, breath, mind

Who is this course ideal for?

  • Anyone interested in learning simple, effective Qigong movements for overall health
  • Anyone interested in supporting their physical and mental wellbeing
  • Anyone seeking to develop a daily exercise practice
  • Qigong students and teachers seeking to deepen their understanding and practice of Qigong
  • Eastern Medicine students and practitioners seeking to add another modality of healing to their clinical practice

Meet Your Instructor


Kenneth Cohen
is a world-renowned health educator, scholar, author (The Way of Qigong) and Qigong Grandmaster with more than fifty years experience. A former collaborator with Alan Watts, he now teaches on the art and science of Qigong globally.